5G, the Swiss love it… and hate it

5G, the Swiss love it… and hate it
by Amélie Charnay, 01net.com, October 17, 2019 – translation
Switzerland's paradox is that it is the first European country to have launched 5G and at the same time to have the greatest opposition to this new standard.
During an anti-5G demonstration in Switzerland
Frequencia Association
On October 15, Huawei opened its annual Global Mobile Broadband Forum telecom event in Zurich. On the same day, the Swiss Chancellery approved a federal popular initiative to limit the extension of the 5G network. Its defenders have until April 25 to collect 100,000 signatures. That is a perfect summary of the country's contradictions. Technologically at the forefront at the European and even global level, it must face the heightened fears of its population towards the new standard.
Switzerland has three operators: the long-established Swisscom, the challenger Sunrise and the "troublemaker" Salt, the latest on the market, which belongs to Xavier Niel's personal holding company. They all obtained 5G frequencies, but only the first two have opened a commercial service since the spring. The battle is therefore between Swisscom, equipped by Ericsson, and Sunrise, which uses Huawei equipment. "We currently have about 200 antennas in operation in 120 localities," a Swisscom spokesperson told us. Sunrise is doing better with 262 localities covered with at least 80% of the eligible population. But both actors face a problem they had absolutely not seen coming: a strong opposition of the inhabitants to 5G that began a few months ago.

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