The Dangerous Push For More Technology In Schools

The Dangerous Push For More Technology In Schools
By Dr. Devra Davis, Opinion,, 19 October 2019

A legacy of President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, Title 1 schools, are located in some of the poorest neighborhoods in this nation. More than half of all schools in America are eligible for special funding to enhance educational programming and community engagement. Over half of the covered students are in elementary schools, with one in every eight in preschool and kindergarten. Riddled with violent crime, environmental contamination, and limited expectations, disproportionately jailed teens from these schools are poorly prepared for the technologically-based job market.

As a result, they face the highest unemployment rate as young adults.

If there ever were a Trojan Horse of public education, it is stabled with technologists now generously giving away Virtual Reality and other fun tech toys. Verizon, Google, and others have donated hundreds of millions in educational resources with no recognition that microwave wireless radiation should not be used close to the brains of young children. Betsy Devos, the current Secretary of Education, leads national efforts to sell local school districts on the capacity of charter schools to innovate in the use of laptops for students from preschool through primary school and high school.

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